2014-05-07-13.50.31webInterlocking stone is a great option for patios, walkways, and driveways as it stands the test of time in our ever changing climate. With our common freezing and thawing interlocking stone has the ability to flex and not crack like many concrete products. Interlocking stone is available in many colors, patterns and thicknesses. Benchmark is certified through ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute) and follows the stringent guidelines and specifications required for proper and professional installation. Minimum code for installing a 60mm stone (Patios and walkways) calls for a minimum 8” excavation with a base material of A Gravel (5”), Screening Bed (1”), and then our 60mm stone. Our base is compacted down 1” at a time to ensure little to no movement after installation. The minimum sloping Benchmark uses is 2 percent away from structure as per current building code requirements.

Interlocking Driveways:

Using interlocking stone for driveways adds the beauty of stone as well as the ability to choose from a variety of patterns and designs to allow you to put your own stamp on your property. Benchmark only advises using a 80mm stone for this application with a minimum excavation of 12” due to the weight of traffic on the surface. Contact Benchmark for your next interlocking stone project.

Benchmark installs interlocking stone from an array on industry leading manufacturers such as:

Permacon, Techo Bloc, Navascape, Unilock, Rhino Stone, and Oaks

Natural Stone:

Using natural stone from India is timeless and has the beauty and durability to last a lifetime. Natural stone can be used for walkways, patios, porches and steps. Natural stone is available in various square cut variations to for a beautifully distinct pattern as well as irregular cut flagstone to form a classic irregular pattern found in many old and historic buildings. Benchmark offers and installs natural stone from and array of industry leading manufacturers. Contact us for your next natural stone project.